This is still a huge work in progress, so please bear with me. Thanks!

My name is Beckett (he/him), and I'm a self-taught digital artist. I like to sit around all day and think about really ambitious original projects pretty much.

Up at the top of this page is a set of navigational links that can help you learn more about things I have done/am doing/will do sometime, so feel free to make yourself at home. If you find any broken URLs or messed-up pages, you can let me know by emailing me at

At the footer you'll find a link to my Carrd, which will take you to my info, and a button that'll always take you back to this page. This button's on every page of the website, so don't worry about getting lost - you'll always have an escape!

If you're a fan of my work, please keep in mind that this website will contain massive spoilers for my projects - its primary function is for a personal 'wiki' of information about my projects for my own reference. With that said, it's not like I post full scripts and detailed plot synopses here without a spoiler warning. If you see a box that reads 'SPOILERS', well, it's self-explanatory.

Have a good one!